About Us

Hills Commercial Group is a highly regarded leader in our industry, specialising in providing an overall solution for your premises regardless of size and client needs.

Hills was founded in 1995 and is a family-owned and operated company specialising in Commercial Cleaning and Facilities Management. Since its inception our ethos has, and always will be ‘Quality Without Compromise’. This characteristic is instilled in all of our 200+ highly trained staff, whom are all committed to provide the absolute best service to our clients.

Our uncompromising focus on quality assurance has maintained our consistently high level of client satisfaction and client retention by monitoring quality auditing and reporting systems which are conducted weekly and are sent to our clients for their record.

Consideration for our environment is of the utmost importance. Every cleaning activity has some impact on the environment, but as a responsible organisation it is our duty to minimise that impact by using environmentally friendly chemicals, processes and recycling procedures to assist our future generations.

All our products and machinery are state of the art and are maintained to very high standards. It’s our goal to not only provide our clients with the best service possible but also the most timely and cost-effective service possible.